Biblioteca Riccardiana, Cod. 1357 P. III. 4


Produced: 15th century
Current Location: Biblioteca Riccardiana, Florence, Italy
Manuscript Type: Miscellany
Bestiary Family: Italian
Language: Italian
Folios: 248
Illustrated: No


Contains an Italian (Tuscan) bestiary is on folio 74v-103v

This manuscript is designated R3 by Goldstaub & Wendriner.

[From Garver, 1920]

...contains the Etica and Fisonomia of Aristotle, various ecclesiastical writings, lives of saints, and, ff. 74-108, the Libro della natuara degli animali... [the text has] interpolations into the original Italian bestiary from Brunetto Latini, from a Latin Physiologus of the Berne-Bruxelles group and fragments from the Physiologus... [The text] consists of ten reptiles, birds and animals, with one chapter with thirteen short paragraphs on fishes.

[Roughly translated from the German of Goldstaub & Wendriner, page 79-80]

The Tuscan bestiary is on folio 74v-103v and begins "Qui comincia Illibro della natura delli animali e comincia prima Il prollagho nel modo infrascritto di piu cose." ... The Bestiarius contains 57 chapters (therefore less than R1), the last of which corresponds to Chapter 61 in R1. As in P and R1 it also ends in these Bestiarius fables, namely 15, after which (fol. 108v)the following concluding remark is written: "finiscie Ilibro della natura degli animali. deo grazias amen", from which it is clear that this copyist considered the bestiarius and fables as belonging together.

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Additional description (page 79-80)

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