Biblioteca de Catalunya, MS 310


Produced: Early 15th century
Current Location: Biblioteca de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
Manuscript Type: Miscellany
Bestiary Family: Catalan
Language: Catalan
Illustrated: Yes


A Catalan bestiary is on folio 98-122.

[Adapted from Aquatic animals in the Catalan Bestiari, page 128]

A fragment of version A closely linked to the Biblioteca Universitària de Barcelona's, MS 75 version. The interesting point about this manuscript is that it is the only illustrated Catalan bestiary. Its miniatures are extremely simple illustrations. It contains the following animals:

  • 98r. End of the chapter on the “four creatures”
  • 98v. Tiger (tigre).
  • 99r–v. Unicorn (unicorn).
  • 100r–101v. Panther (pantera).
  • 102r–v. Fragment of the chapter on cranes (grues).
  • 103v–105r. Peacock (paó).
  • 105v–107v. Swallow (oroneta).
  • 107v–108v. Hedgehog (eriçó).
  • 109r–111v. Crocodile calcatrix).
  • 111v–113v. Viper (vibra).
  • 113v–114v. Sawfish (virgilia).
  • 114v–115v. Pelican (pellicà).
  • 115v. Beaver (castor).
  • 116r. Fragment of the chapter on the woodpecker (pigot).
  • 116v–117v. Stork (cigonya).
  • 117v–120r. Falcon (falcó).
  • 120r–121r. Vulture (voltor).
  • 121v–122v. Eagle (àguila).
  • The illustrations found are the following:
  • 106r. Swallow with magic herb to cure its chicks’ blindness.
  • 108r. Hedgehog in the vineyard.
  • 109v. Crocodile devouring a man.
  • 112r. Female viper devouring the male.
  • 118v. Falcons, hunting scenes.
  • 120v. Battle scene with a vulture waiting for corpses.

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Additional description (page 128)

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