Biblioteca Riccardiana, Cod. 2260 R.IV 4


Produced: 14th century
Current Location: Biblioteca Riccardiana, Florence, Italy
Manuscript Type: Bestiary
Bestiary Family: Italian
Language: Italian
Folios: 47
Illustrated: No


An Italian (Tuscan) bestiary and animal fables.

This manuscript is designated R1 by Goldstaub & Wendriner.

[Roughly translated from the German of Goldstaub & Wendriner, page 77]

Written in a more recent hand “Trattato delle Virtü, ovvero della Natura degli Animali" labeled Bestiarius and subsequently about it fables. The beginning reads: "Questo e illibro nomato virtu delli alimali ne quali tratta lautore per piu similitudini di vicij alle virtu. ne quali cinsengniano come noi dobbiamo vivere." ... this is followed by 61 chapters, counting the article from the "four creatures" as one and likewise the last (61st) section “della natura e modo de pesi", which contains general remarks on fishes and (after a gap) contains brief information about individual aquatic animals, in which there are now and then references to those in earlier chapters given more detailed representations of the same animals .... On the Bestiarius, which is far richer than [manuscript] P ... 16 fables follow without any particular general title.

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Additional description (page 77-78)

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