Biblioteca Riccardiana, Cod. 2183


Produced: Early 14th century
Current Location: Biblioteca Riccardiana, Florence, Italy
Manuscript Type: Miscellany
Bestiary Family: Italian
Language: Italian
Folios: 77
Illustrated: No


An Italian (Tuscan) bestiary.

This manuscript is designated R4 by Goldstaub & Wendriner.

[Roughly translated from the German of Goldstaub & Wendriner, page 80-81]

The content of the manuscript is stated on the title page: “Natura degli animali. - Rime varie. - Ricette" ... [the manuscript] (up to folio 16r) is in Tuscan and called Bestiarius ... The Bestiarius begins with an introduction ... the title of the first section is: “Qui comincia il libro delle nature delle bestie". The [sections] of the animal book [are] "bestie, uccielli, pesci, serpenti" and treat 30 land animals, 7 birds ("di chaccia" [hunting]) and 27 others ("che non sono di chaccia" [not hunting]) ... the 27th chapter contains the well-known "4 creatures" [?], then (after a general introduction) “delle nature e condizioni de pesci" [fish] are 7 water animals and finally after one chapter "delle nature de serpenti" [with] 11 [snakes].

Additional Descriptions

Additional description (page 80-81)

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