Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Ashb.649
(Tuscan Bestiary)


Produced: 15th century
Current Location: Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Florence, Italy
Manuscript Type: Miscellany
Bestiary Family: Italian
Language: Italian
Illustrated: Yes
Folio 14v


The codex contains various vernacular texts, including the Libro della natura degli animali (also known as the Tuscan Bestiary), a medieval treatise probably composed towards the end of the 13th century in which the physical description of the animals is accompanied by a moral interpretation. The large number of extant manuscripts is a clear indication of its enduring popularity. The manuscript is decorated with pen drawings, possibly executed by an artist of the Sienese school. - [Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana]

This manuscript is designated L1 by Goldstaub & Wendriner.

[Roughly translated from the German of Goldstaub & Wendriner, page 76]

The bestiary consists of two connected fragments; one fragment begins without a heading on sheet 1, which carries the number 3, with the article from the hedgehog and ends on fol. 8v col. 1 with the remark: finis. Explicit liber nature animalium. So this is the real end of Bestiarius. The absence of the hedgehog image and also that of a general heading sufficiently show that we are dealing with a fragment. ... On folio 8v follows the introduction to the fables, preceded by an index; the fables themselves, however, only go so far as folio 10v ... on fol. 11r, by the same hand as the 1st fragment, is a section of the Bestiarius (up to fol. 14r) ... 32 articles of the Bestiarius have been preserved ... On fol. 15 (21) is the continuation of the fables whose end is on fol. 37r...

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