Help for Search

Custom Site Search

The search function for this site is implemented by a custom Google web search. A custom search is much like a normal Google web search, but it only looks at pages from this site. Any search terms that can be entered for a normal Google search can be entered in the custom search field.

The most relevant results will be shown first, as on a normal Google search. At the top-left of the results there is a drop down menu that allows you to sort the results by date, with the most recent results shown first.

Clicking on a link in the Web search results will display the linked information on a new page or tab. Some pages may not be formatted normally when shown from the search results. For example, bibliography detail and image information "pages" are meant to be displayed in a popup window, but when shown from the search results they will be displayed as a normal page, without the usual Medieval Bestiary formatting. Clicking on an image in the Images results will display a larger image and more information about the image; clicking the larger image will cause the page the image is on (normally a gallery page) to be shown.

Refining Search Results

When starting a search, Google will initially look at all of the pages on this site, which can generate a large number of results. To restrict the results to specific sections of the site, you can use the Result Type and Refinements links that will appear above the search results once the search is completed.

Result Types

The search result can display text pages or images. Select one of the types in the Result Types:

  • Web - search results will show text pages
  • Image - search results will only show images

Search Refinements

The search results can be filtered to show only pages or images from a specific section of the site.

  • All results - search results will show all pages or images found (unfiltered)
  • Manuscripts - search results will only show pages or images from the Manuscript section
  • Beasts - search results will only show pages or images from the Beast section
  • Encyclopedia - search results will only show pages or images from the Encyclopedia section


Google may embed ads into the search results. These ads (if any) should be only related to the site content; they are not ads specifically targeted to you. The Medieval Bestiary web site does not have any control over these ads, and does not get any revenue from them, so you can just ignore them.


While the Medieval Bestiary site does not use cookies itself, Google may store cookies on your computer. Any such cookies are not used by this site and are not controlled by this site.