Latin name: Gallus
Other names: Capon, Coc, Gal, Gallinacius, Gallus gallinaceus, Rooster
Category: Bird

The cock is a bird that can tell time

General Attributes

The cock (rooster) has the intelligence to tell time and so knows when to crow. Just before it crows, it spreads its wings and strikes itself. Some say that cock's limbs are destroyed if they are mixed with liquid gold.

The capon or gallinacius is a cock that has been castrated; this is done so the bird will grow faster, but then it is only useful for eating.

Lions are frightened of a white cock.


The cock is most often illustrated crowing with its head thrown back. Two birds are sometimes shown fighting. The story of the lion being afraid of the cock is shown in some manuscripts.

Uses Magical, Medical, Alchemical and Culinary

The raw flesh of a cock laid on the place where a venimous snake has bitten will drive out the venom; a cock's brain given in drink will do the same. A man who has been annointed with the fat or juice of a cock is safe from panthers and lions.