Bestiary Families - Other

Bestiaries in languages other than Latin or French are uncommon. They are generally based on the Physiologus with additions from other sources.

Middle English Version

The only bestiary in English, this text was composed in East Midlands, during the first half of the thirteenth century, and is based on the metrical Latin Physiologus of Theobaldus, an eleventh-century Italian monk. It is found in only one manuscript.

Italian Versions

The Italian bestiaries combine a vernacular Italian (or Tuscan) translation of the Physiologus with a variety of new materials, including fables. They first appear in the fourteenth century.

Catalan Versions

These manuscripts are in the Catalan language, and are translated copies of the Tuscan bestiary. They date from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Biblioteca Universitària de Barcelona, MS 75 [CM, ML, S]

Biblioteca de Catalunya, MS 87 [CM, ML, S]

Biblioteca de Catalunya, MS 310 [CM, ML, S]

Catedral Primada Biblioteca, Capitular 229 [CM, S]

Catedral Primada Biblioteca, Capitular 1354 [CM, S]