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"Animal Parallelism in Medieval Literature and the Bestiaries: A Preliminary Investigation"
Luuk A. J. R. Houwen
Neophilologus: An International Journal of Modern and Mediaeval Language and Literature, 78:3 (July), 1994, 483-496
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"It was perhaps inevitable that a number of animal stories and features, which had traditionally been associated with certain particular animals, started to overlap. Although we find this type of parallelism throught the bestiaries, quite a number of these parallels can be classified in certain well-defined subject areas. It is these parallelisms that will be considered here. After a brief discussion of the Physiologus and the bestiaries, and a far from exhaustive listing of some of the parallels, two subject areas in which many parallels can be classified and which, according to some, make the world go round (namely, religion and sex), will be considered in somewhat more detail." - Houwen

Language: English

ISSN: 0028-2677; OCLC: 1759615
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